Peace and Friendship Mandala for Hiroshima / Souvenir of Tucumán - Nomadic Anthology of Objects 2002.
5th Installation of itinerant series by Graciela Ovejero with 89 contributing artists from Tucumán, Argentina.

First object in view "Untitled"* contributed by artist Soledad Fernandez (B. in Tucumán, 1966. Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina). *The object's imagery makes personal reference to the 30.000 disappeared
and many more persecuted individuals forced to live the country during the last military regime,
including the artist's own family. Printed paper.

Second object in view "Mi casita / My little house" by Ricardo Fatalini (B. in Paysandú, Uruguay 1967. Lives in Tucumán, Argentina). Corroded tin fragments. A social commentary on the growing poverty in the country and the particular economic hardship artists face currently.